Product roadmap

See what is in progress and what is coming in the future for Operous.

Coming within a few weeks

Features currently under development and arriving in the next weeks.

Better customer support

Report problems within the app.

Improvements to auditing

More events tracked and described on the Events page.

GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps support

Execute Test Runs with a seamlessly integration with a CI/CD pipeline.

Coming within a few months


Team management with access controls.

Support to more operating systems

More Linux flavors and distributions supported.

Notifications over email

Use email as a notification mechanism.


Build custom solutions and integrations.


Register test exceptions to avoid false positives in complex setups.

Feature request

Ask for new features and vote on other users suggestions.

Coming within a few quarters

Weekly reports

Receive a weekly digest of Test Run results.

Shareable dashboards

Easily visualization of statistics and test results.


Automatic correction for failed tests.


Single sign-on support.

Public cloud provider integration (Amazon, Azure, Google)

Automatically import servers and run tests in a dynamic fleet.

Windows support

Run tests in Windows servers.

Code generation

Generate code for configuration management tools based on recommendations.