What is Operous?

Operous is a platform that tests ssh servers and suggests settings that can reduce security risks, improve systems reliability, and boost app performance based on the server ssh configuration.

This is accomplished in 3 steps:

  1. Register a server in your Operous account

  2. Start a ssh test on the server

  3. Assess the test results and apply the suggested improvements

You don’t need to install anything on your servers or anywhere else by configuring your server to allow access from Operous test runners, the server is ready to begin its continuous quality verification.

Operous focuses on its SSH testing, carefully designed so you can have a clear picture of a server’s SSH structure and know which server configuration must be updated, thus making it meet a much higher standard of security and reliability.

Why use Operous?

With its free and public documentation suggesting best practices to configure and maintain infrastructure and apps, Operous can help a team of developers to evolve a fragile infrastructure into a reliable foundation for their business. This improves the final user experience and empowers the developers team with infrastructure knowledge and time to focus on product development.

With the platform continuously running tests against live servers, Operous can help a team of experienced DevOps engineers, by including another stage in their CI/CD pipelines that validates the effectiveness of the developed IaC to maintain the business operation.

Whether you’re at the beginning or in a more advanced stage of your product’s infrastructure automation journey, Operous can provide useful tips and be a reliable member of your team, constantly watching your infrastructure so you have more time available for productive work.

What is tested?

Operous does not test the final app you’re developing, but it’s building pieces and foundations. Your app may rely on Linux servers, Database Engines, Web Servers, and more. Here is where Operous enters: it checks how those building pieces are configured to ensure your app is running in a healthy and well-tuned environment.

The SSH test is based on curated recommendations of strong industry standards defined by institutes and organizations such as NIST, CIS and the Operous team experience with infrastructure management.

Unobtrusive production testing

Testing your production servers does not require any active process running.

The only requirement is that the Operous test runner has SSH access to the tested server. Small, fast, and inexpensive commands collect data. The Operous test runner determines which tests are passing and which are failing.

All the communication between the Operous test runner and your server is strongly encrypted, each test is executed in an isolated environment that is destroyed after the tests finish and every connection uses a unique temporary key.

Raw data collected from the servers lives only in the memory of the test runner while it’s determining the test results, after that this data is unavailable to any process. It’s not stored for later usage nor rests at the disk at any moment. Only the summarized test results are stored.

That way you can count on Operous to continuously test your production environment without service disruption.

Next steps

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